The Team

But who the snow-angel are you?!

We are Grotto At My Door, a seasonal branch of NMT Automatics Theatre Company, usually found touring the country with our dynamic and mythical productions, bringing ancient stories to life for modern audiences. Or, more commonly known as, Jon and Jen from Stoke by Clare, and Suki the dog.

What about the rest of your team, you know, from the workshop up in the North Pole?

 Yes! We are so excited to be collaborating with a festive flourish of fabulous artists:

Costumier and mask-maker extraordinaire, Katherine Penton, founder of They Shout Hello

Digital artist Grace Penton, of Arty Face Grace fame

And last but not least, the Gift Makers, all local craftspeople from the Suffolk and Essex countryside:

Painted wooden pegs by Imagination World

Mini woollen animals in their cases by Lorna’s Handmade Pets

Fairy and unicorn wall decorations and macramé teethers by Knotty Baby

Hair accessories, bookmarks and mini-stockings by Made With Mabel

Crochet animals by Love, Mum x

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