Covid, dog, and snow!

COVID: It’s snow laughing matter

Who says Christmas is cancelled?! We want to make this Christmas one to remember, for all the right reasons, and whilst it is incredibly boring to go on about it, we do ask that you take precautions seriously. Don’t be elfish! Please ensure that the whole household washes hands in advance of the visit/applies antibacterial gel, as will we, to ensure that the exchange of gifts is as safe as possible. We welcome photos but please do not encourage your children to touch us, and make sure that they are at least 2 metres away from us at all times – we will, equally, ensure not to come too close (with the exception of the dog, who will, if you wish, come forward for some fuss). You are very welcome to wear masks; we will be unmasked as we feel that Santa is quite scary enough without a mask, and story-telling just isn’t the same when you can’t see a face, but we promise not to sing (as much as we would love to), and most importantly, if there is any chance that anyone in your household may have COVID, please do cancel your booking and we will issue a full refund.

Bark the Herald Angels Sing! We want this to be paw-some so, beware of the dog…

What makes us unique? Well, not only do we bring Jingles the Elf and Father Christmas to your house, we also come with the cutest, friendliest little Ru-dog in the business. Sparkles the Christmas Canine, otherwise known as Suki, and occasionally Muffin, is an 8-month-old Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever x Poodle) puppy. She is a scruffy black mutt, about the size of your average cocker spaniel, who is impossible not to fall in love with, and totally hypoallergenic at that. With this in mind, we ask that you keep all other pets out of sight, so as not to make her bounding excitement and energy totally steal the show! She is very sweet-natured and totally open to petting if you call her over, but we do remind you that she is an animal, and cannot guarantee that she won’t nip or scratch if mis-handled. We do ask that you refrain from feeding her (unless it’s chicken as we know that won’t upset her tummy), and please do excuse any toileting needs she may have on your lawn – we will strive to avoid this, but will come armed with bags if necessary!  On the other hand, if bringing a dog to your door is going to be problematic, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we can come pooch-free (but we really think YULE be sorry to miss her – she is quite the darling!).

Please have a read of the Dog’s Trust “Be Dog Smart: Safety” page for some top tips for you all to ensure that your children stay safe and happy with our dog, and all dogs for that matter!

Let it snow! (and drizzle and sleet and wind and hail and tornado and…) We will be with you whatever the weather, it just might be that Santa and his elf come sporting umbrellas/extra layers. Please make sure that your children are dressed appropriately in advance of the visit as we don’t want to waste precious time waiting for Dad to dig the brolly out the broom cupboard! Fingers crossed for some festive flurries but rain or shine, we cannot wait to meet you!

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